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Teacher Assistant is an android project intended to help the teachers to track the class activity and the online attendance of the classroom students. Here the teacher can take the attendance of the students as well as can make the schedules for the upcoming subjective classes.
Moreover, the teacher can also calculate the CGPA of the students and submit them. Also, the teacher can post the notes highlighting the important topics related to the subjects.
The entire project is ready for customization. You can integrate and tweak this app according to your business need or educational purposes. This project helps the developer to establish and expand new features. This project is easy to operate and understood by the developers.


How to open this project:

Step 1: Open Android Studio. Click on “Open existing android studio project”

Step 2: Then move to the location where your project is located. Then click on “Ok”

Step 3: Android studio will immediately start building your project.

Step 4: Once the build finishes, Android studio opens the project.

If there are any errors in building the project they will appear at the bottom. You can also check for errors by clicking on the event log. And take the necessary steps.



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